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Intimacy On Screen

Intimacy on Screen specialises in facilitating best practice for intimacy, simulated  sex and nudity for screen content. With experience in directing and producing we know the importance in getting things done in a time efficient manner, with knowledge in cinematography we know how a lens change can effect an intimate scene, with experience in post production we can assist with shooting for the edit. 

From indépendant projects to fully funded productions we can come customise services to meet your  budget and needs. 

If you require an Intimacy Director for live performance please feel free to get in touch and we can recommend a trained and experienced practitioner for your stage production. 

Leah Pellinkhof 

Leah brings her wealth of experience  experience as a film and theatre maker and  acting and filmmaking teacher to her work as an intimacy coordinator. 


Her work as a film and theatre maker &  teacher of Acting, Directing, Script writing, Cinematography & Editing has given her a keen eye for the nuances of performance  and storytelling and the ability to work with seasoned and emerging artists  with clarity and ease.


Having taught at arts schools including NIDA,  AFTRS and Sydney Theatre School and having qualifications such as an Advanced Diploma in Acting (The Actors Conservatory) , A degree in Film and Television production (JMC) ,a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Performance (NIDA)  a Graduate certificate in in both  Directing and Cinematography  (AFTRS). Leah's expertise in a diverse range of film and theatre making elements influences her Intimacy coordination practice to deliver ethical and time affective results. 


Leah is a company director at Playhead Productions, formally the artistic director of Front Row Theatre Company and is an artistic director and  founding member of the Queer film collective. She served as a member  on the board of directors at Queerscreen and is passionate about story telling and developing emerging actors and filmmakers

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2019| CINEMATOGRAPHY - Graduate Certificate - AFTRS. 

2016| DIRECTING - Graduate Certificate - AFTRS.

2016| WRITING FOR PERFORMANCE - Master of Fine Arts - NIDA.

2015| FILM & TELEVISION PRODUCTION - Bachelors of Creative Arts - JMC Academy. 

2001| ACTING FOR STAGE & SCREEN - Advanced Diploma - The Actors Conservatory.

2011| TRAINING & ASSESSING - TAE40110 Certificate IV- Mountain View Collage.

2021| MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AIDER (COMMUNITY & YOUTH ) - Mental Health First Aid Australia ​


2021| CONSENT IN THE ACTING CLASSROOM- Theatrical Intimacy Education- Laura Rikard

2021| TRAUMA INFORMED TEACHING - Ryhan Nadji- Educational Consultant

2021| BEST PRACTICE  - Theatrical Intimacy Education- Chelsea Pace

2021| INTIMACY COORDINATION FOR FILM & TV - Theatrical Intimacy Education- Chelsea Pace

2020| INTIMACY IN COVID-19 - Heartland Intimacy & Design- Dr. Kate Busselle


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